The Foundation

About Us

“Ideas fly, bounce around, accumulate, rise up, fall apart, and spread, until one of them takes a decisive hold, flies higher and conquers the entire group”

Loris Malaguzzi

Woodards recognises the benefit to the wider community of aligning social activities with corporate purpose and values. Our mission is the same for our philanthropic activity as it is for our company work. To be professional in all that we do, to act always in the best interests of our clients and to be open, honest and transparent in our policies, systems and language.

In forming our board, we considered knowledge, skills and social demographics. Currently nine people form our board and bring a wealth of skill and life experience that we use to support our charter.  All positions on our board are voluntary which means that donations to the Foundation go directly to those in need.

Committee Members

Jane Nathan


Jane has experience across government, retail and marketing. She’s previously served as a councillor and mayor of Hawthorn and as a commissioner and administrator at Brimbank.

Craig Wallace


Craig is a qualified accountant who is currently a non-executive director and chair on private company boards, and undertakes a number of mentoring and consultancy roles across a range of industries, including in professional services.

Sharon Piccolo

Executive Director

Sharon has worked in an executive capacity on numerous community committees and in the public and private education sector for over 30 years. More recently she has been working in child and adult education and as Executive Officer for our Woodards Foundation.

John Piccolo


John is the CEO of the Woodards Group. He is the chair of and holds various other board and club membership positions.

John Cicero

Committee Member

John is a principal at Best Hooper with expertise and experience acquired in a legal career which commenced in 1976. He appears regularly as an advocate in the town planning jurisdiction and has extensive experience in town planning law, local government and environmental planning law, property development and liquor licensing.

Tanya Kohlman

Committee Member

Tanya is the office manager at the Carnegie office and has a background in marketing and event management. Working with numerous charity organisations over the years she has a unique insight into philanthropic work.

Katerina Tsamourtzis

Committee Member

Katerina Tsamourtzis has an extensive marketing and events background. From the beginning of her career she has always believed in helping the community through marketing initiatives. She enjoys giving back to others and raising awareness of community issues.

Luke Piccolo

Committee Member

With an entrepreneurial streak and background in property sales and marketing, Luke runs Woodards South Yarra just like his two dogs run the house: in innovative ways and always with a purpose.

Caroline Thomas

Committee Member

Caroline has been working within the Woodards brand for the past 20 years. During this time she has fostered strong relationships as a property manager at the Camberwell office.   

Jessica Helman

Committee Member

Jessica began her real estate career with Woodards in 2010 and during this time she has built strong relationships with her clients and colleagues.